“No one has been back from the eastern pass in over thirty years, milord. The Firewing has completely cut us off from the eastern part of the empire” – General Hughes to Emperor Gregory Maxwell

Dragons are among the most rare of all creatures in Tharan. Collosal, elemental and with keen intellects that would put most of humanity to shame, the fact that they are isolationist is a relief to all who live on the continent. Their size ranges from massive to absolutely titanic, and their territories oft match their size.

While a lot of folklore talks of massive scaled and winged beasts, scholars suggest that these wyverns are actually another species entirely, or are simply dragons at a younger stage in life. Actual dragons warp the environment around them to suit their needs, and while their appearances seem superfically like those of wyverns, often a closer look would dissuade anyone of that notion. Being creatures of the elements they often resemble that which they have power over, with the most notable dragon corpse studied in more recent times being Nidhogg – the slain dragon that the city of Aansvik is built on top of. Being a creature of ice and stone, matching the legends of Eidal, there was some debate as to whether its corpse was simply a coincidental rock and ice formation, until an as-yet unknown dragon was seen in the mountains south of Sutton over a century ago.

More recently, Feuerschwinge claimed territory to the east of Prouse, cutting off the mountain pass to all but the most foolhardy. Sightings have said that the dragon is a collosal being of molten rock and flame, and her territory seems to suggest similarly. Astoria lacks the manpower and military might from recent expansion and wars to drive her off, so she remains in the mountains for now.

Dragon Cults

Strangely enough, almost all dragons throughout history have had associated cults. Stranger still, no one in these cults has ever sought them out willingly. Dragons seem to have an effect on men who get too close, and become bound to the beasts, often (but not always) taking on aspects of the dragon themselves. These agents often protect the dragon’s territories with fierce resistance, although on rare occasions can be seen outside the dragon’s territory performing tasks for their master. These agents are known as “The Touched”.

Notable Dragons

Feuerschwinge – Has taken up territory to the east of the City of Prouse. Her territory is a scarred waste of burnt forest and molten stone. Few living men have returned alive from her territory.

Nidhogg – The slain dragon of ice and stone. Said to have been slain by heroes wielding the weapons of the gods before the founding of Eidal. Said to have been bound by a great chain and stabbed by both spear and sword in each of his eyes, Nidhogg now rests as the foundation of the Eidal capital, Aansvik.


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