Vera Prosper

Ambitious Mockinbird



*Good with a sword – violently so.
*Seems to be quite fit.


*Quick on her feet


*Knows her way around trains, apparently


*Charming to a fault
*Terrifying to her underlings



Met by the party in Thorndon, on their arrival for the investigation of Wendigo’s. Erebus seems to know her from his past. She and her crew were repairing the abandoned train station in Thorndon, but were attacked by a crazed man-turned-wendigo. Vera, however, saw opportunity from loss and struck a deal with Erebus – get rid of the governer, for the corpse.

When Erebus and the rest of the party delivered far more than promised however, inciting the town into a riot and mob against the governer, she and her team of Mockingbirds seized control of the entire town, with Vera violently slitting the Governer’s throat.

Seeing further opportunity, she inducted Erebus into the Mockingbirds under her as a Crow – after an ongoing torrid affair with the youth of course.

Vera Prosper

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