Caden Ward

Idealistic Templar



  • Strong of body, he’s built and fit – like any Templar should be.
  • Seems like he knows his way around a sword.
  • Quite attractive – for a Templar.


  • Quick, even in his armor.


  • Seems like he knows his way around ointments and weapon augments.
  • Definitely studied some scripture.
  • Seems to know a bit about the occult and monstrous beings.


  • Awkward.
  • Seems to be able to sense occult energies.


Grew up with Oneado Deloro in an orphan workhouse in Prouse. Weady and kind of a pushover, he relied on others to help him through bullying. Was attached to Oneado and a few other boys, who tended to protect him from the bigger children.


Appeared to the party in an abandoned Redeemer temple in Prouse. Now a Redeemer of the rank Templar, he has grown into a large, fit man. He seems to know his way around a fight, and is sporting several new scars. He seems to be glad to have met Oneado again, but Redeemer Vivienne’s death and the command of Exterminatus carried in this temple weigh heavily on his mind.

Caden Ward

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